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Currently has two partners, one is U.S. Central Michigan University, and the other is Taiwan Da Yeh University.

Central Michigan University is a public, doctoral research institution in the United States. With more than 20,000 on campus students and approximately 7000 off-campus students, CMU has the fourth largest enrollment among Michigan's 15 public universities. CMU has 9 colleges (Science and Technology, School of Medicine, Education and Human Services, Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences, Business Administration, Health Professions, Communication and Fine Arts, Extended Learning, and Graduate Studies). CMU offers students their choices of 24 degrees and more than 200 programs of study, including over 100 undergraduate, 10 doctoral, 45 Masters, and 11 Graduate Certificate programs.

Da Yeh University, originally named Da Yeh Institute of Technology, is a newly emerging private university located in Changhua County, Taiwan, was founded in 1990. It was renamed to its current name by the State Ministry of Education in 1997. 

The university has many academic schools at present, namely School of Engineering, School of Management, School of Design & Art, School of Foreign Languages, School of Biotechnology & Resources. School of Engineering includes several departments: Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Vehicle Engineering Institute, Industrial Engineering and Technology Management.

Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department sets some specialties: MEMS and Smart Materials, Heat and Energy Technology, Precision Design and Manufacturing, Advanced Vehicle Technology.

Da Yeh University has strong research capabilities, and with significant R & D results. Emphasis on practical application ability of students, to encourage students to participate in various science and technology and skills competitions, and achieved excellent results. Pay attention to affiliating with enterprises, absorbing the industry teachers, co-developing curriculum, to promote subjects construction. In recent years, Da Yeh University attaches great importance to exchanges with the mainland universities, and has established intercollegiate relations with 25 universities on the mainland. Da Yeh University welcomes our students to communicate, and hope to make substantial progress in sharing resources, exchange students and academic exchange.