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School of Mechanical Engineering actively carries out applied technology research for enterprises to solve technical problems, in close collaboration with Shanghai's three manufacturing group company (Shanghai electric group, Baoshan iron and steel group, Shanghai automotive group), Shanghai petrochemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huayi group Co., Ltd.,etc,. In recent years, school also actively strengthens the contact and coordination with Fengxian area enterprises, rely on each other to establish more than 20 production-study-research bases. School and Shanghai Fengxian district science and technology commission jointly set up the ‘Shanghai Fengxian district mold digital design and manufacturing professional and technical services platform’.        

The key project of Shanghai education commission ‘research and development of non-sinusoidal vibration hydraulic servo system of continuous casting mold’ has been completed, which was awarded the first prize as the excellent production-study-research collaboration projects in 2012, the best invention gold award of Shanghai in 2013. The Shanghai education commission key project ‘research and development of key technology and new structure of continuous drawing machine’, that won the third prize of Shanghai scientific progress award in 2007, won the third prize of China machinery industry science and technology progress award in 2008, and the new product certificates issued by the state economic commission. ’Development and application of the car seats intelligent comprehensive test equipment’ won the third prize of Shanghai science and technology progress award in 2008. ‘Research on three-dimensional displacement laser electronic speckle interference’ won the second prize of Shanghai science and technology progress award in 2002. ’Strength calculation and repair technology of hot rolled E2R2 mills ‘, ‘potential evaluation of series production of 640 mill’, and ‘comprehensive evaluation of Φ 640 rolling mill production capacity’ won the first prize in Shanghai excellent invention competition. Participate in the completion of the ‘localization research on half-built-up crankshaft of high power Marine diesel engine at low speed’ project, and won the first prize of Shanghai science and technology progress award in 2007. ’Research and application of digital design technology in the clean energy industry’ project won the second prize of Shanghai science and technology progress award in 2010. 

The last three years, in terms of basic research, 2 national natural science fund projects are won in 2010, 2 items in 2011, 4 items in 2012, and 1 Shanghai natural science fund project in 2013. In addition, undertaking 3 scientific research and innovation projects of Shanghai education commission. In terms of service for regional economy, 2 Shanghai municipal alliance programsin 2010, 5 in 2011, 10 in 2012, and 6 in 2013 have been won. 13 transverse scientific research projects in 2010, 14 in 2011, and 25 in 2012. Apply for 15 invention patents and 4 invention patents have been approved. Every year, nearly one hundred academic papers have been published, more than 12 teachers to participate in domestic and international academic conferences. At present national science and technology support projects, key scientific and technological project of Shanghai, and Shanghai Pujiang talent program projects are underway. 1.81 million Research funding is completed in 2010, 2.7 million in 2011, and 5.18 million in 2012.